Briefly describe the food chain and food web and write why is the foodweb more real than food chain ? At least 3 points.


  • TREES produce ACORNS which act as food for many MICE and INSECTS.
  • Because there are many MICE, WEASELS and SNAKES have food.
  • The insects and the acorns also attract BIRDS, SKUNKS, and OPOSSUMS.
  • With the SKUNKS, OPPOSUMS, WEASELS and MICE around, HAWKS, FOXES, and OWLS can find food.
  • They are all connected! Like a spiders web, if one part is removed, it can affect the whole web.

FOOD WEBS show how plants and animals are connected in many ways to help them all survive. FOOD CHAINS follow just one path of energy as animals find food.

food chain

A food chain is a linear sequence of organisms in which each organism is eaten by the next member in the sequence. This interaction among organisms involves the transfer of energy from one organism to another.




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food chain.....

A simple chain of feeding relationship between three or four organisms is called a food chain.  

food web....

A food web is a diagram, of some sort, that links at least two food chains together. Food webs describe how energy is passed throughout a section of an ecosystem (or an entire ecosystem).

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taxonomy of food webTaxonomy

trophic level....



Ecological pyramids




Top Left: A four level trophic pyramid sitting on a layer of soil and its community of decomposers
. Top right: A three layer trophic pyramid linked to the biomass and energy flow concepts. 
Bottom: Illustration of a range of ecological pyramids, including top pyramid of numbers, middle pyramid of biomass, and bottom pyramid of energy. The terrestrial forest (summer) and the english Channel ecosystems exhibit inverted pyramids.
Note: trophic levels are not drawn to scale and the pyramid of numbers excludes microorganisms and soil animals.
 Abbreviations: P=Predators, C1=Primary consumers, C2=Secondary consumers, C3=Tertiary consumers, S=Saprotrophs.


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food chain a linear sequence of organism in which each organism is a prey for organism at the next in sequences
in food web each organisms is eaten by 2 or more organism  many organisms are interconnected
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