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Following are the differences in the uniform and appearances of Modern and 17th century soldiers-
  1. The main changes in the new uniform, compared to the old one are with regard to the camouflage pattern, design, and the use of a new material.
  2.  While the new unique camouflage pattern retains the combination of the same colours which are olive green and earthen shades but the pattern is digital now. It has been designed keeping in mind the many kinds of operational conditions that the soldiers function in, from deserts to high-altitude areas, jungles and plains.
  3. The fabric for the new uniform makes it lighter, sturdier, more breathable, and more suitable for the different terrains that soldiers are posted in.
  4. The new uniform, unlike the old one, has a combat T-shirt underneath and a shirt over it.  Also it is unlike the older uniform, the shirt will not be tucked in.
  5. The trousers will be adjustable at the waist with elastic and buttons, and has a double layer at the groin. As for the caps, the girth will be adjustable, and the logo of the Army will be of better quality than earlier.

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