At 90'C, pure water has [H30+]=10-6mole/liter. the value of kW at 90'C is:

  1. 10-6
  2. 10-8
  3. 10-12
  4. 10-14

At 25°C, ionic product of water (Kw) is 1* 10-14 mol2L-2.

As the temperature increases, dissociation of water also increases. Hence Kw increases.

But at all temperatures, [H+] remains equal to [OH-].

It is given that at 90°C, [H30+]=10-6mole/lite

So [OH-] will be = 10-6mole/lite

And product of concentration of [H+] and [OH-] ions is equal to ionic product of water.

So Kw = [H+] [OH-] = 10-6 * 10-6

   Kw = 1*10-12 mol2 L-2

So value of Kw at 90°C is 1*10-12 mol2 L-2.

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is there a solution whose dissociation decreases on increasing the temperature.

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