as seasons change from winter to summer and then to rains ,how can we choose our clothes

During summers light coloured, loose fitting cotton clothes should be worn that help in circulation and keep the body cool.
Dark coloured clothes retain heat and should be avoided along with jackets and tight fitted clothes. 
In winters, dark coloured clothes should be worn that absorb heat. Also clothes made of wool such as sweaters, mufflers, jackets should be worn as wool is a good insulator and does not allow heat to pass out and cold winds to come in. It also traps heat of the body and keeps us warm. 
Light weight cotton clothes should be worn during rainy season that are easy to dry even if they get wet and after washing. Also rain coats should be used that are water proof and do not allow water to wet our clothes. 


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first will come summer so You take cotton cloth
second will come winter so You take woolen cloth
next rain You can wear rain coats
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