Answer the following questions.

1.“I got him for her by accident.”

(i) Who says this?

(ii) Who do ‘him’ and ‘her’ refer to?

(iii) What is the incident referred to here?

2. “He stood on his head in delight.”

(i) Who does ‘he’ refer to?

(ii) Why was he delighted?

3. “We all missed him greatly: but in a sense we were relieved.”

(i) Who does ‘we all’ stand for?

(ii) Who did they miss?

(iii) Why did they nevertheless feel relieved?

1. (i) The above lines are spoken by the narrator.

(ii) Here, ‘him’ refers to the sloth bear and ‘her’ refers to the narrator’s wife.

(iii) In the above line the author refers to his first encounter with Baba and the subsequent gift he makes to his wife. Once while in Mysore, the author and his friends encounter a black sloth bear. She comes out of a sugar cane field trying to escape the bullet shots that were aimed to evacuate the pigs. Unfortunately, one of the narrator's companions shoots her on the spot. It is then that they notice a baby bear that was riding on her back. The narrator grabs him and to his wife's delight, gifts him to her.

2. (i) 'He’ refers to the bear, Bruno.

(ii) Bruno was delighted to see the narrator’s wife after three months of separation.

3. (i) 'We all’ stands for the narrator, his wife and his son.

(ii) They missed Bruno (Baba).

(iii) They felt relieved because Baba was getting too big to be kept at home. That is why they had sent him off to a zoo.

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