An element 'X' belongs to 3rd period and group 16 of the Modern Periodic table.
a) Determine the number of valence electrons and the valency of 'X'
b) Molecular formula of the compound when 'X' reacts with hydrogen and write it's electron dot structure
c) Name the element 'X' and state whether it is metallic or non- metallic

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The element belongs to group 16 and period 3.

1) Number of vakence electrons = 6
Valency = 8-6 = 2
2) Molecular formula of the compound formed by X and H will be H2X
Dot structure will be:
H·  ·X·....  ·H   H-X....-H
3) The element 'X' is Sulphur and it is non-metallic.

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b. Valency 2
c. Sulphur.
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b. H2X
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a. Valence elEctron - 6
  Valency - 2
b. H2S or H2X
   Dot structure -    H - S - H / you can do it.
c. X - sulphur
   x is metallic
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(a) valence electrons = 16-10 =6
valency = 8-6 = 2
(b) valency of X = 2
valency of Hydrogen = 1
so compound formed
X       H
2        1
. .
.  . X . . H
        . .
(C) X is sulphur. It is non metal as it will gain 2 e- to complete its octet.
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molecular formula cannot be XH2 OR SH2 cation is always present in L.H.S so we have to take H2X or H2S as molecular formula
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Sorry at last.
a. Valence electron - 6 and Valency - 2
b. molecular formula - H2S or H2X
  Dot structure -   H-S-H / dot structure can be made by you.
c. X - Sulphur. It is non-metallic
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