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all questions answer ENGLISU WORKSHEET - 2A Singular and Plural Nounsj•• Underline the correct nouns in these sentences. I, The police polices is patrolling in a Van. 2. Complete your homework homeworks before you to 3, Some staffs staff will to trip. 4, These poles are made of irons ; 5, Where baggage \ 6. I want to you some infonnations/ informaticn test. 7 [h you need some advices advice from nw? 8. Dorit leave behind trashes trash in the park 9. My father wants to donate furniturestothe orphan*. 10. All the must their hair cut Saturday I two Companies company have good progress 12. enjoy listening to I music on the VH channel. 13 1 have some ; bread me. GEMS Rewrite sentences in the ALSO. the necessary in sentences. 2. 5 7. Our classmates are suffering from Out classmate sufferinglrørn megs;es.. We keep sheep to get wool _ Thick smoke rose from the chimneys. My cousins are looking for empb'y'ment with the Indian Airlines. The guests conveyed their thanks to the hosts. There is so much dust on the fables. Our officers are wearing gpctacles. Grade

Dear Student,
Here is your answer:
1. police
2. homework
3. staff
4. iron
5. baggage
6. information
7. advice
8. trash
9. furniture
10. hair
11. companies, progress
12. music
13. bread
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