1. air can be stored .
  2. it has shape .
  3. how a kite flow in air .

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3. The shape of a kite is very different. Its upper surface is more curved than its lower surface and its front edge is more thick than its tail. As the upper surface of the kite is more curved than its lower surface, therefore, the speed of air above the kite is larger than the speed of air below the kite. According to Bernoulli's theorem, the pressure above the kite becomes less than the pressure below the kite. Due to this difference of pressure on the two sides of the kite, a vertical lift acts on it. When this lift is sufficient to overcome the gravity pull on the kite, it is started to fly up in the air.  

The other two questions are not clear. Please elaborate on what you want to ask in these queries.

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wind is moving air.
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1 air is everywhere and even an empty bottle is filled with air.
2 air has no shape.
3 moving air helps a kite to flow .
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air is cooooool!
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