a short speech on judicious use of water

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Of all the planet’s renewable resources water has a unique place.
   It is essential for sustaining all forms of life, food production, economic development and for general well being. Water resources consists of both surface water and ground water resources. The main source of all the water resources is the precipitation in the form of snow and rainfall. The surface water available in the form of canal water is tapped by constructing dam and reservoirs across the river at suitable locations. At some places surface water is also tapped by constructing small harvesting dams across the choes. The seepage from the surface canal network, deep percolation of rainwater, return flow from surface irrigation form the part of ground water resources. The surface and ground water resources of the country plays a major role in  agriculture, hydropower generation, livestock production, industrial activities, forestry, fisheries, navigation, recreational activities, etc. In India 70 %  of the water resources are used for agriculture
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