A ball thrown into the air from a building 60 mtrs high,travels along a path given by h(x)= 60+x-x2/60,
where x is the horizontal distance from the building and h(x) is the height of the ball.What is the maximum height the ball will reach?

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hx=60+x-x260Differentiate with respect to x, we get:h'x=ddx60+x-x260h'x=0+1-2x60h'x=1-x30For maixma or minim, h'x=01-x30=0x30=1x=30 metresh'x=1-x30Again differentiating with respect to x, we get:h"x=-130 which is negative, hence hx will be maximum at x=30hx=60+x-x260h30=60+30-90060=90-15=75 mHeight of building is 60 m, hence maximum height reached by ball fromground is given by:hmax=60+75=135 m 

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