6.List the uses of forest?

7.Explain why there is a need of variety of animals and plants in a forest?

we depend upon foests for food water(rain) medicines oxygen and other materials

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Ans 6:

  1.  Forest provide us with oxygen.
  2. They protect soil and provide habitat to a large number of animals.
  3. Forests help in bringing good rain in neighbouring areas.
  4. They are a source of medicinal plants, timber and many other useful products.
  5. If forests disappear, theamount of carbon dioxide in air will increase, resulting in increase of earth's temperature.
  6. In the absence of trees, the soil will not hold water, which will cause flood.

Ans 7:

The animals disperse seeds of certain plants and help the forest to grow and regenerate.The decaying animal dung provides nutrients to the seedlings to grow .When these seedings become trees the bear fruits which are eaten by animals in the forests.Variety of plants and animals are needed bcuz it helps the forest to regenerate and grow.

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