1) The number of different words that can be formed with 12 consonents and 5 vowels by taking 4 consonents and 3 vowels in each word is?

Eight guests have to be seated 4 on each side of a long rectangular tabel. 2 particular guests desire to sit on one side of the table and 3 on the other side. The number of ways in which the sitting arrangements can be made is?

3) A question paper contains 6 questions, each having an alternative. The number of ways an examine can answer one or more questions is?

4)A candidate is required to answer 6 out of 12 questions which are divided into two groups containing 6 questions in each group. He is not permitted to attempt not more than four from any group. The number of choices are?

5) The results of 8 matches (win,loss or draw) are to be predicted. The number of different forecasts containing exactly 6 correct results is?

6)The number of different factors the number 75600 has is?

7)The number of ways a person can contribute to a fund out of 1 ten-rupee note, 1 five-rupee note, 1 two-rupee and 1 one rupee note is?

8)The number of ways in which 9 things can be divided into two groups containing 2,3 and 4 things respectively is?

9) The number of even numbers greater than 300 can be formed with digits 1,2,3,4,5 without repetition is?

10)5 letters are written and there are five letter-boxes. The number of ways the letters can be dropped into the boxes, are in each?

(3) The total number of ways in which each question can be answered is 3i.e either left blank or 1st option or 2nd option Now the total number of questions is 6 Hence the total number of ways examine can answer 1 or more questions =36=729

(6) 75600 can be written as 24×33×52×71Now the factor is of the form  2m×3n×5o×7pNow m can take values from 0 to 4 i.e 5 valuesn can take values from 0 to 3 i.e 4 valueso can take values from 0 to 2 i.e 3 valuesp can take values from 0 to 1 i.e 2 valuesHence number of different factors of 75600 = 5×4×3×2 = 120 

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1) total no. of different words are 12 5 = 505 ways C + C 4 3

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