CBSE 2017 Class 10 Science : Board Paper Solution & Analysis


Class 10-ScienceThe CBSE held the Class 10 Science Board examination on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Team Meritnation hopes and wishes that your exam went well. Our team of experts brings you a quick video analysis of the 2017 Science Board Exam along with Board Paper Solutions.

Experts at Meritnation noticed that the pattern of the question paper was similar to the exam held in 2016 and 2015. However, it is observed that the difficulty level of the questions has decreasing, while the level of easiness has increased for 2014 to 2017.

The exam could be completed within time with good time management skills. All three Sets had resemblance in the questions. However, CBSE made a smart move regarding few questions in the paper. For example, the first question in all the three sets asks about the Molecular Formula of the first two members of Homologous Series, but in SET 1 it asks about Cl, in SET 2 it is about Br and SET 3 it is about O.

Overall, the paper can be rated as average and we hope many students to score great marks.

Check the 2017 CBSE Board Paper Solutions here:

Delhi SET 1
Delhi SET 2
Delhi SET 3
All India SET 1
All India SET 2
All India SET 3
Abroad SET 3

View the video analysis here:

Questions Difficulty Level Analysis : 2014, 2015, 2016 v/s 2017

Difficulty Level 2014 2015 2016 2017
Easy 12 9 10 17
Average 22 21 21 17
Difficult 8 6 5 2


Team Meritnation wishes you All the Best for your Board Exams! :)


  1. Mahesh Madhusudhanan says

    Dear Meritnation Experts,

    Can you please send CBSE Class 10 Abroad Set 3 solutions. Please I need to verify my answers. Please send for Hindi too.

  2. Harish Atmakuri says

    Hello everyone,
    I felt nice but if the abroad set answers also to be sent then we will be the most happiest children…
    Thanking you…

  3. Sameeksha sagar says

    Dear experts,

    Plz send me solution of science question set 1 of 2017… Plzzz. I want to check my ans… Plz snd me fast…..

  4. Dhruv says

    Hey! I want the solution for Science cbse board exam Set-2. Plz fast and your website does not contain any option to upload paper as i already visited the link you referred. As fast as possible!!!!!

    • Nikita says

      Hi Dhruv,

      Our team of experts are also working on other board exam papers. Kindly keep patience. The blog will be updated once the Solutions go live on the site.

  5. says

    Can u confirm me weather u have all India set 2 ,if u have please do it immediately and there is a problem with unloading pictures of the question papers ,please fix it ,…and once again don’t forget to solve ALL INDIA SET 2 ….😊😊😊

    • Nikita says

      Hi Harshita,

      You can send your question paper to get solved by our subject experts. Send your Question Paper at-

      Kindly note that you can upload only PDF, Images (.gif, .jpg, .png) files. The file(s) should have a maximum size of 5 MB and not more than that. Resize your files to upload them on the given link.

      All the Best!

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