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Practical Geometry


  • Quadrilateral: A quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon.


For the given quadrilateral ABCD:

    • Possible names of quadrilateral are ABCD, BCDA, CDAB and DABC.
    • AB, CD and BC, DA are the pairs of opposite sides.
    • AB, BC; BC, CD; CD, DA and DA, AB are the pairs of adjacent sides.
    • A, C and B, D are the pairs of opposite vertices
    • AC and BD are the diagonals of quadrilateral ABCD.
    • ∠A, ∠C and ∠B, ∠D are pairs of opposite angles
    • ∠B, ∠C; ∠A, ∠B; ∠C, ∠D and ∠D, ∠A are the pairs of adjacent angles.

For the given quadrilateral JKLM:

    • Points lying in the interior of the quadrilateral are Q, R, S and O.
    • Points lying in the exterior of the quadrilateral are V and U.
    • Points lying on the boundary of th…

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