Confused Between Maharashtra HSC and SSC?

Clear all your doubts - know more about the boards and exams you are preparing for!

A decent amount of people are greatly confused with the abbreviated name of exams and their purpose. Not only students, at times it is seen that parents and even some teachers get confused with the exams and end up committing blunders. The best way to avoid confusion is by obtaining the right information from the right source.


SSC and HSC are two exams that are very often confused by students. Many students studying under Maharashtra Board and even their parents are of the notion that Maharashtra SSC stands for Senior Secondary Certificate or Senior Secondary Examination and is the exam for class 12; which is as wrong as it gets. Similarly students tend to think that Maharashtra HSC stands for High School Certificate or High School Examination and is the final examination for Class 10 under the Maharashtra Board; again an information that is totally wrong. To clear up such confusion and avoid unnecessary problems, details of Maharashtra SSC and Maharashtra HSC along with other exams of other boards are described below:


SSC or Maharashtra SSC is the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination conducted under the Maharashtra Board. It is the certification for the exam of the 10th Board Exam and is conducted by several other boards as well along with the Maharashtra Board. Equivalent to the General Certificate of Secondary Education prevalent in London, the SSC Examination is conducted in many states of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Indian states where SSC examination are conducted includes Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Goa.


HSC or Maharashtra HSC stands for Higher Secondary School Certificate and is also known as HSSC is conducted under the Maharashtra Board. HSC is the centralised examination for students studying in Class 12 and is conducted in the month of March - April every year by various boards including Maharashtra Board. Although it is a centralised examination, the subjects, question pattern, grading system, curriculum, etc. differ from state to state and board to board. HSC is also known with different names in different boards. For example, in CBSE it is known as the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE); in CISCE it is known as Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC) and so on.

Other Abbreviations:

There are various other abbreviations that are used in the educational sector in India that are greatly confused by people to be somthing else. Some those abbreviations are discussed below: