After Maharashtra SSC and HSC results

Roads leading from the two most important exams of the Maharashtra Board!

With the declaration of the results of two of the most important exams of the Maharashtra Board, students of both Maharashtra SSC and HSC are looking forward towards their option for higher studies. It can be a challenging time for both the SSC and HSC students as confusion is sure to creep in while deciding further course of action regarding higher studies such as courses, streams, colleges, etc.

Group of Students Found During HSC & SSC Result:

Broadly speaking, there are three groups of student that can be found after the result has been announced. The first group of student are the ones who have already decided their further course of action and have accordingly made necessary arrangements. The second group are the ones who have not decided anything or are still confused as in what to do. The third group of student include those students who may or may not have decided what to study further, but due to bad result, all their plans are being kept on hold. Although results are the deciding factor for the streams and courses a student wants to opt for, it should not be the source of motivation or more importantly, demotivation for them. Life is very much like the famous saying which goes; when one door closes, another door opens. To keep on facing challenges is the key to success. What should be the further course of action for all three types of student after the announcement of Maharashtra SSC and Maharashtra HSC results are discusses below:

Group 1 Students:

Students belonging from the first group are those students who have not only decided what to do after Maharashtra SSC and Maharashtra HSC results are announced, but also have good results to back them up. Usually students of Maharashtra SSC are mentally prepared to do 10+2 and have already decided which stream they will take up. Students having the intention of opting for Engineering, MBBS, etc. will automatically get enrolled in the science stream. What they can further do is to start preparing for the entrance examinations along with the board curriculum. Students can opt for study material, sample papers, mock tests, etc. offered by to start their preparation for entrance examinations. This will help them a great deal in the future.

Group 2 Students:

Second group of students are those who have not decided yet as in what to do. It should be pretty easy for Maharashtra SSC students belonging from this group as most of them only have to decide which stream to chose. So if a student is interested in getting enrolled in Engineering, Medical or any such other courses in the future, should opt for science stream. If the student is interested in Literature, Writing, etc., should opt for Arts / Humanities. And if a student is interested in Accountancy, Business Studies, etc. should go for Commerce Stream. Maharashtra HSC students interested in doing professional courses should see for the options available for applying for the courses they are interested in as the application process and their entrances take place quite early. Other than that, opting for graduation is always a great choice for them as it opens up a huge door of possibilities and options for future endeavour.

Group 3 Students:

Maharashtra SSC and Maharashtra HSC students who have not score desirable marks fall in the third group. They may or may not have made plans for their future education, but due to lack of sufficient percentage in the exam, all their present plans are being kept on hold. A bad result should not demotivate a student as failures always lead to success and that's a fact. Students who have failed to score pass marks in the exam should diligently give in their time and dedicate themselves to prepare for the exam next year. Meritnation can help a lot as students can find the best study materials, sample papers, mock tests, etc. here which will help them to take their preparation to the next level.

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