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  • General formula is CnH2n+2.
  • Isomerism: Structural isomer → Difference in structure

                         Chain isomer → Difference in chain

  • Conformations: The spatial arrangements of atoms which can be converted into one another by rotation around a C–C single bond  

          1. Sawhorse projections

          2. Newman projections



  • General formula is CnH2n+2.
  • Occurence:
    • Methane is the main constituent of marsh gas.
    • Methane is exhaled by animals that feed on food containing cellulose.
    • Methane is found in the intestinal gas of humans and animals.
    • Methane is found in cavities in coal.
  • Prepared by:
    • Reduction of unsaturated hydrocarbons
    • Reduction of alkyl halides
    • Wurtz…

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