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Error Correction: Omission



Omission is a process in which certain words, in a given paragraph, are omitted. Such omissions make the sentence/s grammatically incorrect. In questions on omission, a student is supposed to examine each line and find the missing word/link between two words (if any). These questions test a student’s understanding and ability to use the language correctly. 



Before answering such questions, a student should be thorough with certain rules and concepts in grammar. Some of the important ones are indicated below:

1. A verb should agree with its subject in terms of number and person.

2. Tense consistency has to be maintained.

3. A pronoun must be consistent with its antecedent.

4. Conjunctions should be used correctly.

5. The rules for using articles have to be followed.

6. Prepositions should be used in a suitable manner.

7. Voice (active or passive) consistency must be maintained.

8. Determiners should be used appropriately.

9. The flow of sentences in terms of narration (direct/indirect speech) should be followed.


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