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Locomotion and Movement

  • The cells of human body exhibit amoeboid, ciliary, and muscular types of movements.
  • Amoeboid movement – Example: leucocytes present in the blood
  • Ciliary movement – Example: passage of ova through fallopian tube
  • Muscular movement – Example: movement of limbs, jaws, and tongue
  • Based on location, muscles are of three types;
  • Skeletal muscles/striated muscles – Voluntary in nature
  • Visceral muscles/smooth muscles – Involuntary in nature
  • Cardiac muscles – Involuntary in nature
  • Myofibril is one of the several contractile filaments that make up a striated muscle fibre.
  • Sarcomere is a part of myofibril.
  • Sarcomere composed of two contractile proteins:
  • Actin – Thin filament and called I band
  • Myosin – Thick filament and called A band
  • Z line bisects the centre of each I band.
  • The functional unit of contraction between two success…

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