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Identification of the Different Parts of an Embryo of a Dicot Seed

Viva Questions

Ques 1. What is a seed? 
Ans 1.  A seed is a ripened ovule. 

Ques 2.  Which seed coat is transparent and thin?
Ans 2. Tegmen

Ques 3.  Name the part of the embryo axis that is present between the point of attachment and plumule. 
Ans 3. Epicotyl

Ques 4. Name the point at which the funicle is attached. 
Ans 4. Hilum

Ques 5. What is an embryo?
Ans 5. The embryo is a part of a seed that has two parts- cotyledons and embryo axis. 

Ques 6. What is the difference between plumule and radicle? 
Ans 6. Plumule develops into the shoot. 
Radicle develops into the root. 

Ques 7. What is micropyle?
Ans 7. It is a pore t…

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