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Data Interpretation


Data Interpretation is a method that is used to derive useful information from a collected set of data. This collected data could be in the form of a pie chart, graph, table etc. The data has to be analyzed and utilized by the student to write a paragraph providing the factual information. In simple words, you will be presented with a data in the form of a pie chart/bar graph/line graph/table etc. Based on the given data you will have to write a paragraph.


Difference between paragraph writing and data interpretation:

A paragraph can be written on any topic whatsoever. Data interpretation, on the other hand, compiles a given set of data and frames it into a paragraph. A paragraph usually consists of several sentences that deal with a single subject. Although a paragraph has some limitation on length, it may vary according to the subject discussed. However, data interpretations have to give the details of the specified data in a precise, simple and crisp way.


Points to Remember:

1. Data interpretation does not follow any format and is written in a paragraph.

2. It should always be written in a precise manner, by using short and crisp sentences.

Q. The data given below shows the changes in education for women that occurred …

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