Yu're deepak raj you want to sale your laptop draft a classified advertisement for a local daily giving necessary deatils

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Got it

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                                                                            LAPTOP ON SALE

Electa 1-768 pc laptop is on sale. It has interseting features like a high resolution web camera, 800 GB storage capacity, fully touch screen, upgraded software system and antivirus softwares intalled. The expected price of the laptop is rupees ninety five thousand, it can be negotiated. Interested buyers can contact Mr. Deepak Lal living at 2nd street, Mirzabad, Delhi. For more details write to deepaklal54@gmail.com or call- Mobile No. :-054-3424534
                                                     Phone No. :-03-4534724
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Two years old laptop,Dell laptop,Model:XC,4 U.S.B port,charger,hard disk:1 T.B, R.A.M: 6 G.B, 64 bit system,web camera:20 mega pixels, pre-installed windows 10, fully touch screen, anti-virus installed,cost negotiable,interested buyers contact: Chris Patrick,Sec-bad,Hyderabad. For more details write to delllaptop@gmail.com or call:- xxxxxxxxxx
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draft an advertisement for the classified columns of a local daily . For the sale of lenovo laptop give relevant details
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AVAILABLE laptop of HP, model '16, 2", 1 year purchased, single owner and in an excellent working condition. Price not negotiable.Interested parties can contact :________ 097588536644, Bandra, Mumbai
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you are Summit Sumita and Ranjan running a telephone booth in the central market Bhopal give a stable advertisement for telephone operator is situation vacant column of Bhopal times offering attractive remuneration
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You are manager of Hotel Green Park wanted a receptionist Write an advertisement in classified colum a news paper
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An ad should have A proverb , An address , An mobile no. , A outline , A diagram and A shops famous quote..:)
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Fossil a
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the person who need this laptop please contact me as soon as possible
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Please find this answer

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Hello. I am deepak. I wanna sale my my laptop. The laptop was looking good condition.. If you want contact me:-86885798@@...
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You are Deepak Raj. You want to sell your laptop. Draft a classified advertisement in about 50 words for a local daily giving necessary details.
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you are Renu of 202 Bharat Indore New Delhi Colony is public into darkness due to frequency and reduced binduon of electric write a letter to the editor of the Hindustan Times drawing the attention concerned authorities to overdue playlist not more than 150 to 200 words
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