You are the president of welfare organization of your school . Under your leadership, the club was able to collect a substancial amount for the old age home , ' HELPAGE ' . Express yot sense of pride and happiness in the form of a diary entry .

31st October 2011


09:30 hrs

Today I am extremely pleased and satisfied. Today I have come to know the real worth of the saying that Patience and Perseverance always pay. I have been waiting for this day for so long now. I am proud to be staying in Happy Society. The people here are just great and nothing could surpass their generosity when they elected me as their president. I always wanted to help the old people who were as aged as our parents and grandparents and had no family support. Through various activities and collection we collected a some of more of 2.3lacs. I am so overwhelmed because I never expected even in my dreams that people would take up this project with so much of zeal. This fund would take care of their health care, their entertainment and the adult education. (to be continued based on your own research on the subject, creative skills and power of imagination.)

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