You are provide with the seeds of gram, wheat, rice, pumpkin, maize and pea. Classify them whether they are monocot or dicot.

Your friend is correct.
Monocots: Wheat, Rice, Maize
Dicots: Pea, Gram, pumpkin

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The angiosperm that posses only one cotyledon are known as monocot plant.

Example :- Rice and wheat

The angiosperm that posses two cotyledon are known as Dicot plant.

Example :- Pea , Gram

When we divide the seeds if it posses 2 house than it is dicot like gram . it easily divided into two house . But we can not divide rice into 2 house therefore this is Monocot . By this process we can classify them whether they are monocot or dicot...!!!!

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