You are mrs. Dev . write a diary entry describing the changes in gopa's attitude after you found him screaming in the dream . 
Story is chocolate in your dream too 
Of DAV school ?

Dear Student,

Wednesday, 31 October, 2018
Time : 10:45 P.M.

Dear Diary,

I am feeling quite fortunate today. I am happy that my son, who was totally careless about his health, has shown a sudden transformation in his behaviour. He has managed to leave all his bad habits and has adopted a healthy lifestyle. Earlier, he use to eat lot of chocolates, watch television for long, avoid physical exercise etc. But after he saw an alien in his dream, he has understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The alien warned him that because of his wrong habits, his life was going to end very soon and this has made him a changed personality. I feel so happy and relieved that he has left all his bad habits.

Mrs. Dev

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