You are Ankur a news paper correspondent. You were sent to cover a robbery incident. 
You made the following notes on the robbery incident. Write a newspaper report in about 80 words.  
  • Shashi Garden- 5.30 pm – Wednesday – Kolkata
  • Robbery by 4 criminals
  • Took Anil hostage – entered the shop – Anil raised an alarm
  • Firing by robbers – one of them hitting Sunil in his neck
  • Sunil killed while elder brother – escaped – when resisted robbery attempt
  • Robbers manage to flee – bag contained jewellery

28 February 2015
Shashi Garden - 5:30 p.m 

Four criminals made a bold attempt to rob Anil Jewellers located at Shashi Gardens, Kolkata on Wednesday. The crime was commited around 5:30 p.m, when the robbers barged into the shop armed with .22 mm Baretta pistols. The shop owner, Anil was taken hostage by the criminals. Anil took a brave step and dared to raise an alarm to resist the robbery. In response the convicts fired shots to scare them and get away with the loot. Unfortunately one of the bullets hit Sunil, Anil's younger brother in his neck claiming his life. The police are trying to track down the criminals with the help of CCTV footage and witness accounts.    


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