You are a District Education Officer, who wants to assess the literacy levels and the reasons for dropping out of school children. Prepare a report. (20 pages)

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Every year, a large number of students drop out of school worldwide. A significant number of them go on to become unemployed, living in poverty, receiving public assistance, in prison, unhealthy, divorced, and single parents of children who are likely to repeat the cycle themselves.
The most common “reason” was various Physical disorders (80, 21.8%) followed by Mental Retardation (77, 20.9%). Child labour (Employment) came last (30, 8.1%) as a “reason” while financial issues constituted 50 (13.6%). Family issues accounted for 63 (17.1%) and School-related issues 68 (18.5%).
In 1993, 27 million children entered school in Class 1 in India but only 10 million (37%) of them reached Class 10 in 2003. Dropout rates peak in the transition between Class 1 and 2 and again in Classes 8, 9 and 10. Dropout rates have remained negative between Classes 4 and 5.
The state of Pondicherry improved its performance with regards to school dropouts from the fourth place in 1991 to the first in 2001, displacing Kerala as the best performing state. The states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Arunachal Pradesh perform poorly in this ranking.
Government data indicate improvement in the rates of school enrolment. However, there may be problems in looking at enrolment data without attention to attendance and retention rates. Thus, the actual rates of dropout from schools may be much higher than those depicted.

The following are the reasons for children dropping out of school in India.
1. Extreme poverty in India is one of the reason for dropouts. Primary, secondary and senior school students drop out because of extreme poverty.
2. Gender biasness leads to children dropping out of school at primary level.
3. There are also financial difficulties in terms of difficulty in financing books which ultimately leads to children dropping out of school. This particular reason of drop-out is faced by secondary and senior school students as their books are expensive.  
4. Poor performance and academic difficulty force students to leave school at secondary and senior secondary level.
5. Poor health condition particularly at primary level leads to children dropping out of school in India.
6. Lack of infrastructure facilities is also one of the reason behind drop-outs. This particular case goes for primary students.
7. Students leave school because school is situated at far away places. This reason goes for ​ primary,secondary and senior school students.
8. Senior secondary students migrate to urban areas in search of jobs and thus they leave school.
9. Transition to new school is also a reason for drop-out from school. This case is faced by primary level students. 


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