You are a blogger who loves to record travel stories you recently visited a picturespue location and you were enamoured by its beauty pen down the post for your blog giving vivid description of the natural beauty of this place supplement your writing with keats idea of beauty


Earth is considered as the great magnificence of beauty. Beautiful places all over the world are considered the nucleus of attraction. Kashmir is one of those places which is in the lap of nature and is renowned with the name "Heaven on Earth". My last visit to this incredible place drove me crazy. The mesmerizing view of the lakes, pearl-like mountains, special Kahwa, and boating are enough to make someone experience its beauty. The sublime beauty of Kashmir astonished me. Kashmir, situated in the Himalayan region, has a rich species of flora and fauna. Those picturesque points, the aroma of Kesar, historical monuments, and the abode of saints are the additional wonders of Kashmir. My body has returned from there, but my heart is still wandering around the same valleys.

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