write the difference between sketch and plan?

First, I'll come to plan.
1. A plan is a drawing.
2. It requires small area.  
3.  It's drawn on a large scale.
Now, I'll come to sketch.  
1.  A sketch is a drawing mainly based on memory.  
2.   It's also based on spot observation.  
3.  A sketch should not be scaled.  
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sketch is to make some place's drawing and plan is something which is speaked.
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A sketch is a free hand drawing of a place or a part of a place.
A plan is a detailed drawing of a very small area using a very large scale.
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 Sketch-Sketch is a drawing based on memory & spot observation.
 Plan- Plan is a drawing of a small area on a large scale.
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1.Plan is a detailed drawing of an area. It is drawn to scale.
2.Sketch is a rough drawing of an area. It is not drawn to scale.
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look just a bit up you will see the answer
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a sketch is a rough drawing based on memory
a plan is a detailed drawing of a small are on a larger scale
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Dear Friend,
  • A plan is a drawing of small area on large scale
  • A sketch is a rough map with outlines drawn without a scale and without the proper use of signs and symbols
I hope this may help you...
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unable to uderstand
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sorry understand
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a Sketch is a rough map without  a scale.
a plan is a map of a very small area with even the minor details
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