Write the brief information about the all water conservation practices and also write it's benefits.

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Water conservation and management refer to the adoption of practices for the prudent use of our water resources. Water resources consist of groundwater reserves and river water. We need to conserve groundwater reserves as it is a finite resource. Overexploitation of groundwater reserves can lead to scarcity of drinking water making the area unfit for human habitation.

River water conservation means not dumping pollutants and effluents into a river. Otherwise, the river water would become unsuitable for drinking and irrigation.

The methods by which water can be conserved are as follows:
(i) We have to be very cautious while using water. Care has to be taken to avoid wastage and misuse of water.
(ii) Water recycling should be encouraged in industries so that recycled water can be utilized for irrigation.
(iii) Following scientific methods of irrigation like drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation provides a sufficient amount of water; hence, it reduces wastage of water.
(iv) Constructing dams and bunds across the rivers will help recharge the water table.
(v) Growing more trees will help in the replenishment of groundwater.
(vi) We must encourage rainwater harvesting to conserve rainwater as well as to recharge groundwater. 

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