write classification of industries on the basis of size   
Please define only a large scale and small scale industries and its definition


On the basis of size, industries can be classified into four types- 

  •  Large scale industries: Large scale industries are referred to as those industries that are having huge infrastructure, raw material, high manpower requirements and large capital requirements. Those organisations having a fixed asset of more than 10 crore rupees are considered to be large scale industries. E.g., Tata Iron and Steel Co.
  •  Small scale industries: Small scale industries are referred to as those industries in which the process of manufacturing, production and servicing are done on a small scale. The investment on such industries is one time and these investments are mostly done on plant and machinery, the total investment on such industries do not exceed 1 crore. E.g., lac industry.
  •  Medium industries-  Where capital investment is between 5 and 10 crore e.g., Leather industry.
  •  Cottage industries- Where capital investment is normal and which are run with the help of the family members.


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