Write atleast one paragraph in favour or against the notion

Oxygen bars are places like restaurants which charges money for some time of oxygen or for spending some time in a place full of oxygen.
Against the notion- Oxygen is essential component for once survival and providing oxygen in exchange for money violates the fundamental right to life provided under article 21. Selling oxygen simply means that only those who are rich can live in fresh air leaving behind other people like poor and destitute . The time for which you can avail fresh oxygenated air is also limited .This is not a solution to problem of pollution which is the main culprit behind polluted air in many cities. Now people will not find solution of the air pollution already rising at alarming rates in many cities but they will rely on such bars or find alternative solution for the issue.experts believe that taking oxygen for a short while even at a high concentration has no benefit and such a theory has no scientific basis. According to experts, the concentration of oxygen in so-called "pure" air can go up to 40 per cent.So this clearly proves that bars are not much helpful for people who are relying on these facilities .Also bars are not available in all the cities and can accommodate a limited number of people thus serving a very small crunch only. So the idea of oxygen bars is not a very good idea instead pollution tackling measures should be introduced in cities with high level of pollution.

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