Write an essay based onexamples to show how conflicts get resolved.

There are manyconflicts in contemporary society based upon different factors,ranging from social, economic and cultural. The kind of resolutiondepends upon nature of the conflict. Local conflicts get resolvedthrough the intervention of administration and law enforcementagencies, like the police. However, bigger conflicts that involvecommunities of people cannot be resolved in this way. Specialprovisions have to be made for resolution of such conflicts.

Dialogue between theaggrieved parties is the most suitable way of finding out the rootcause of the conflict. A successful example of dialogue as amechanism of conflict resolution is the Good Friday agreement betweenIreland and UK that led to reduction in violence in Ireland. However,in most cases, the leadership takes up rhetorical positions whichcreate further dissatisfaction among people. Eventually, manyconflicts take on a violent form and cause great loss of life andproperty. These include religious, ethnic and linguistic conflicts.Territorial and ideological disputes also lead to wars. The SecondWorld War was a result of the conflict between territorial ambitionsof European powers, while the Cold War was an ideological battle.Such conflicts get resolved only when one of the parties become tooweak to challenge the other one. For example, the collapse of theSoviet Union ensured the supremacy of the USA after the end of ColdWar. The United Nations is an organization created to resolveconflicts, but its role has become increasingly limited in thepresent situation.

Ethnic conflicts andinsurgencies have also taken place in the North-Eastern part of Indiadue to a combination of factors. When there is a movement regardingreservation by the backward classes, within the country, thegovernment resolves the issues by making special provisions in theconstitution. This was also in the recent case of Jan Lokpal Bill,when Anna Hazare started a 'fast unto death' to exertpressure on the government of India to enact a strong anti-corruptionlegislation. Judicial action is also a remedy to resolve conflictswhich are sensitive in nature. For example, the Babri Masjid disputeat Ayodhya.

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