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To suffice human’s social need for more effective communication language was created. The extremely complex or versatile code, i.e. language, is used to express our thoughts and experiences to other people. This makes language a natural phenomenon that is learned by a human at an early age for the desire to express themselves to others.

The mother tongue or the native language is an essential aspect in one’s upbringing as it shapes the way one perceives the world and the way one expresses themselves to others. Babies tend to imitate what they see or hear. Infants are fast learners as they acquire their growing years than in comparison to adults learning a new language.

Having a strong grip on one’s mother tongue also helps in creating a strong foundation for learning additional languages. Children are capable of learning languages other than their native tongue while they are young by transferring the different structures of a language to other languages. If a child learns the grammar of their mother tongue well, then they will be able to guess the meaning of the words in different languages easily.

Since people from different regions have varying mother tongues, that is why many institutions and parents teach a second language to children so that they can communicate with more people, without any language barriers. A person might be able to converse in multiple languages, but if they are spoken to in their mother tongue, then a sense of familiarity prevails over them. One’s mother tongue is a very potent tool that helps in advancing the learning skill in people. Children develop the skill of communication by conversing with their parents in their native tongue. And this skill of communication becomes paramount in school or institutional level settings for participating in class. Learning in school plays an important role in accentuating the use of the mother tongue.

Similarly, when parents spend time communicating in the native language for discussing matters and telling stories to children, it helps in developing their terminology and concepts. Thus, children are able to follow instructions and can learn effortlessly, resulting in educational success.

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