Write a short review about 80-100 words about Martin Luther King Sr. (Senior)

Dear Student,

a. Martin Luther Senior, was a Baptist and a prominent figure of civil rights movement in America.
b.He headed ‚ÄčNational Association for the Advancement of Coloured People in Atlanta and fought for basic civil and political rights for the Blacks.
c. He encouraged and motivated his son Martin Luther Jr, to fight for the rights of the Blacks.
d. He played an active role in getting equal rights and treatment for Blacks in Georgia.
e. He stood for equality and fought for equal wages for teachers.
f. He wanted to arise political consciousness of the Blacks and wanted them to be active and politically alert.
g. Martin Luther Sr, was inspired by Gandhi's ideas of non violence , of truth and imbibed them in his struggle for equality.

h. He did not ride in Bus in Atlanta, after the attack on Black passengers and resented such atrocious acts.


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