write a short note on trading town in pastoral zone(Mari)? [In points plzz]

Dear Student,

Mari was an ancient kingdom located in present day Syria on the Euphrates river. It flourished between 2900 BCE and 1759 BCE. From the archaeological evidence in Mari, we can conclude some points about trading in a pastoral zone.

1. Most communities in the kingdom of Mari were both farmers and pastoralists. Most of the territory was used for pasturing sheep and goats. 

2. Pastoralists, however, depended on trade with each other and with farmers for obtaining certain essential commodities. For example, pastoralists might need to buy foodgrain from farmers while farmers needed to buy animal products from pastoralists.

3. The capital of Mari developed as a major trading centre between pastoralists and farmers. Boats carrying various items of trade would stop at Mari.

4. Some of these boats would travel further south from Mari. Officers in the city of Mari levied taxes of one-tenth of the value of the goods before allowing the boats to continue further downstream. Due to the high volume of trade and tax revenue collected, Mari was exceptionally prosperous.


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