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Economic growth of a country depends upon the skills of its people and the application of knowledge, inherited or acquired by them. Optimum utilisation of human resources undoubtedly leads to considerable degree of economic development of a country. Unemployed human resources signify that a section of the society is without any source of income. Hence they experience misery and starvation. 

Generally unemployment means an economic active person without any employment .

As Gillin and Gillin define, “Unemployment is a condition in which a person is able and willing to work normally, dependent upon his earning to provide the necessities of life for himself and family is unable to obtain gainful employment.”

Unemployment in India is structural in nature. In other words, productive capacity is inadequate to create a sufficient number of jobs. This is a chronic phenomenon.

Nature of Rural Unemployment:

India is an underdeveloped though a developing economy. The nature of unemployment, therefore, sharply differs from the one that prevails in industrially advanced countries. Lord Keynes attributes the cause of unemployment to a deficiency of effective demand. But in India unemployment is mainly due to the shortage of capital, the poor exploitation of natural resources and inadequate employment opportunities. That a large number of ruralites are forced to remain jobless in the rural areas is true beyond dispute.

Types of Rural Unemployment:

It is an indisputable fact that unemployment is found in its severest  form in rural India. Broadly speaking, rural unemployment may broadly be classified into three categories namely: (a) open unemployment, (b) concealed or disguised unemployment, and (c) educated rural unemployment.

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