WRITE a short note on paramaras?

Several regional kingdoms came into being in northern, central and eastern India between the eighth and thirteenth centuries. One of them was the Rajput kingdom of Paramaras who ruled in Malwa.     The origin of the Paramaras is shrouded in obscurity. However, it seems probable that since Malwa formed part alternately of the domains of Pratiharas and Rashtrkutas, they must have been the feudatories of either of the two.   Though the Paramara Dynasty owes its origin to a chief named Upendra or Krishnaraja at the beginning of the 9th century AD, it was  as a result of the collapse of the Rashtrakuta power in the second half of the 10th century that Paramaras became an independent power. Ujjain was their earlier capital and later Dhara became their seat of power. Both these places are in Madhya Pradesh.   The first great Paramara ruler of note was Vakapati Munja, (c 974-997-8) who was in constant war withTailapa or Taila II, founder of the later western Chalukyan dynasty of Kalyani. It is said that Munja defeated him for sixteen times. However, in the seventeenth encounter, Munja was defeated and taken prisoner and subsequently killed. .  

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