write a short note on origin of clothing?

In ancient times, there were no textile industries or clothing stores. Cavemen wore animal leathers and furs. Evidently, this first fashion trend had a lot of success, since it is trendy still to this day, with some obvious differences of course.

Looms appeared seven thousand years ago, and knitted fabric began to be producedduring the Middle Ages. Natural elements such as silk, wool and cotton were very important until the 19th century. Synthetic fibers appeared in the last decades. With the coming of the great industrial production, clothes,in a high percentage,were no longer hand-made products.

Since the end of the 20th century, there was a massive interest towards clothes made with artificial fibers, and this was mostly due to the fact thatwomen started working outdoors, andno longer had time to home tailoring or to devote time to garments that needed special care.

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After people settlein agricultural communities,they learnt to weave twings and grass into mats and baskets.Vines, animal fleece or hair were twisted together into long strands.These were woven into fabrics.The early Indians wore fabrics made out of cotton that grew in the reegions near the river Ganga. Flax is also a plant that gives natural fibres. in ancient Egypt, cotton as well as flax were cultivated near the river Nile and were used for making fabrics.

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