Write a short note on: Evolution of Human Resource Management

Human resource management refers to the process that deals with the human elements in an organisation with regard to their knowledge, ability, skill and potential. The concept of human resource management basically evolved from the traditional concept of trade union. Earlier, under this system of trade unions, a labour officer was appointed who worked towards the welfare of the employees. Further, with the emergence of factory system, a need was felt to appoint a person who would be given greater responsibilities regarding the recruitment of personnel, their selection and final placement. In this regard, the organisations appointed ‘personnel officers’. With further development, business environment faced greater changes and complexities. Thus, to train the employees accordingly, there emerged personnel managers who were mainly appointed to look into the entire process right from recruitment to the training of personnel. Nowadays, with greater expansion of activities and business, the role of personnel managers has further expanded to activities such as development of the overall structure of the organisation, enforcing the employee laws and acts, etc. thereby, they have been replaced by human resource managers.

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