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How I taught My Grandmother to Read is a story by Sudha Murty, writer, social worker and chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. It describes how, as a girl of 12, Sudha empowered her unlettered grandmother by teaching her to read, and how, by learning to read, the old woman felt independent and free.Window to the worldThe story begins with a description of the remoteness of the village in North Karnataka where young Sudha lived with her grandparents. The only link the village had to the rest of the world was a bus, which used to come every afternoon carrying the morning newspapers, magazines and the post. Sudha and the rest of the village folk keenly awaited the arrival of the bus.Among them was Sudhas grandmother, Krishtakka, who never went to school and could not read. Every Wednesday, the bus brought the latest issue of the Kannada magazine Karmaveera, and the old lady would pester Sudha to read to her the next episode of Kashi Yatre, a Kannada novel which was being serialised in the weekly.A touching taleKashi Yatre is the tale of an old woman who longs to visit Kashi and worship Lord Vishweshwara, a pilgrimage that many Hindus wish to undertake at least once in their lifetime. She struggles to save enough for her dream trip but, in the end, gives away the money to help conduct the wedding of a young orphan girl who has fallen in love. The happiness of this orphan girl is more important than worshipping Lord Vishweshwara at Kashi, the old woman says, reflecting on her selfless gesture.A treat every WednesdayFollowing her grannys insistence, Sudha read out to her each episode of Kashi Yatre as soon as the magazine reached them. Krishtakka would listen to the story with rapt attention, forgetting her chores and identifying herself with the protagonist—she too had yearned to pray at Kashi.Once, Sudha went to a village nearby to attend a wedding. Her visit, which was to take only a couple of days, stretched to a week. When Sudha returned, she found her granny in tears. This surprised Sudha, who knew that her grandmother could face any situation bravely.A life story is revealedAvva, are you OK? she asked Krishtakka, addressing her as mother in a Kannada dialect spoken in north Karnataka. Yes, Krishtakka answered, and Sudha let the matter be. At night, when they were preparing to sleep, Krishtakka came and sat near Sudha, and gently touched the girls forehead. The old ladys eyes filled with tears as she began to tell Sudha her life story—the loss of her mother when she was only a child, how adverse circumstances denied her a school education, how she was married off early, and how she had to bear the responsibility of looking after her children and grandchildren.The wealth of wordsKrishtakkas sufferings moved Sudha, and she tenderly held the old ladys hands and asked her if she could help her in any way. Yes, I need your help, replied her grandma. She went on to tell Sudha about her feeling of abject helplessness at not having been able to read Kashi Yatre when Sudha was away. She said all the wealth in the world was of no use if one could not read. Being able to read made one independent. Literacy set one free.A deadline is setFollowing the bitter experience, Krishtakka made up her mind to learn the Kannada alphabet before the next Dassara. She told Sudha that by Saraswati Pooja day during Dassara, she wanted to be able to read a novel on her own. She wanted Sudha to be her teacher.The young Sudha childishly laughed at her grandmothers fierce resolve: how could she start learning at 62? Krishtakka smiled, signalling her purposefulness. For a good cause, if you are determined, you can overcome any obstacle, she replied.Words bring a new freedomSudha started teaching her grandmother from the next day. The student showed remarkable diligence and took her lessons seriously. When Dassara came, she called Sudha to the pooja room, bent down and touched her young teachers feet as a gesture of respect and devotion. Sudha stood perplexed at this reversal of a tradition which ordained that the young pay obeisance to their elders. Her grandmother explained that she had only touched the feet of her teacher who had taught her so well. Now I am independent, the student declared.Sudha then took out a copy of the novel Kashi Yatre and gave it to her grandmother. The old lady opened the book and read the title immediately. The teacher knew, right at that very moment, that her student had accomplished a cherished mission. Thumz up.

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Here is a summary of the story How I taught my Grandmother to Read:

This story talks about a girl who stayed with her grandparents in Karnataka. Her grandmother was very passionate about a story Kashi Yatre which used to appear on the weekly magazine. The girl used to read out the story to her every week, as her grandmother didnt know how to read or write. One day, the girl left the house to attend a marriage somewhere else. The magazine used to arrive and the grandmother, unable to read the content, used to rub her hands on the pictures, feeling hopeless and dependant on her granddaughter.Once the girl came back, her grandmother insisted her to teach her how to read and write. Within a very short period of time, she was successful and able to read and write. Her greatest sense of satisfaction began when she started reading the novel of the story Kashi Yatre on her own.Hope you find this summary satisfying!
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This is a beautiful story about a girl who taught her grandmother howto read and write. the grandmother used to forget all her work and listen to a story called kasha yatra with great concentration. the girl used to read this story to her as the grandmother do not know how to read and write.one day the went to a marriage.as usually the magazine came but the grand mother could not read the story. she felt so embarrassed. when the girl came back the grandmother insisted her to teach how to read and write. the girl became a good teacher and the grandmother became a good student and successfully was able to read and write in a very short span of time. she was so satisfiedabout her and soonshe could read her favourite novel kasha yatra.


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