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Everybody has their personal distinct characteristics that define who they are. Many researchers have beliefs on why we have the personality characteristics that define who we are. It's only natural that you differ from the individuals you encounter because no two persons are alike. There is nothing wrong with people being diverse in a variety of ways. The five personality qualities I picked essentially sum up who I am, and I promise that no two people will have the same attributes for the same reasons.
My calmness is one of my personality characteristics. On-campus, or anywhere else for that matter, I have never been into a fight. I don't get angry easily, which I believe is a positive thing since I would have been in a heap of bother if I did. Loudmouths, I've discovered, always have issues with other rabble-rousers, therefore I'm glad I'm not one. I am also gregarious. I communicate frequently, particularly with my close acquaintances. 
In any instance, I'm among the first to speak out whenever there's an embarrassing situation, which I believe is a good thing. However, when I meet somebody for the first time, I am hesitant and don't speak much, but once the unpleasantness of encountering somebody new has passed, I begin to speak more. Another personality attribute I possess is vigilance. I'm always scanning my environment for much of anything potentially hazardous or destructive. I also have mindfulness as a fourth personality attribute. I'm the one that always greets everyone and does a variety of other small tasks. I never say no when my mother needs help at work since I know how difficult her job can be without assistance. It's also a form of kindness, which I believe I am. I am enthusiastic as my final personality trait. Even when I'm sad or angry, I'm not a pessimistic person. There's always that one hateful person in your circle of friends, and I despise it when they attempt to pull the rest of the crew down. As a fourth personality trait, I have awareness. I'm the one that meets everyone and performs a number of other little duties. I never refuse to assist my mum at work since I understand how difficult her job may be without it. It's also a type of benevolence, which I consider myself to be. As a last personality feature, I am energetic. I'm not a negative person, even when I'm upset or furious. There's always that one hater in your group of friends, and I dislike it when they try to bring the rest of the group down with them.

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