Write a reading response to the poem 'The listeners' on your own words.


In the moonlight, an anonymous entity known only as the Traveller knocks on a door and asks whether anybody is within. While waiting for an answer, the Traveller's horse grazes in the peaceful woodland. A bird soars over the Traveller's head from a little tower on the home. The Traveller knocks once more, this time with greater force, and repeats his query. However, no one comes downstairs to greet him. No one even looks at him through the leaf-covered window sill. He remains still, perplexed by the absence of a response. A group of ghostly spirits inhabits the mansion. These "listeners" listen to the human voice coming from outside in the moonlight. As the tranquil atmosphere in the empty home is disrupted by the sound of the Traveller's lonely voice, the ghostly figures cluster around the stairway, over which moonlight streaks. Outside, the Traveller detects an unusual presence in the quiet that greets his inquiry. His horse proceeds to graze uninterrupted in the dark woodland, the sky above full of stars but covered by the trees. The Traveller bangs on the door again, this time considerably louder. He then shouts out, requesting anybody who hears to relay a message: no one responded to him when he arrived at the home, but he kept his promise. This is met with silence from the audience. The only live person in the home, the Traveller's remarks resound throughout the dark, empty house. As the Traveller rides away, the phantom listeners hear him mount his horse and then hear the sound of horseshoes on the stone walkway. As the sound of the horse's powerful riding fades away, the woodland stillness returns.

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