Write a note on magnitude of poverty, with special emphasis on extent of rural and urban poverty in india. Plzz answer fast

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The magnitude of poverty in India is estimated on the basis of nutrition criterion that consider only the minimum amount of food intake of a person for working capacity.
The calorie based norm of poverty line is on per month basis. The minimum calorie requirement is determined by the planning commission as  2435 calories and 2045 calories respectively for rural and urban areas.Calories consumption of rural area is more than urban area because they do more labour work than urban people do.  Based on this, in 1999-2000 the poverty line was fixed in monetary terms as Rs 328 per person per month for rural households and Rs 454 per person per month for urban areas. But only this is not sufficient to calculate poverty as there are other basic needs also such as education , clothing , health care all this should be considered as there are some group of people who can utilise these amenities whereas other group don't and this leads to inequalities in socio-economic status.Therefore, a proper approach to the problem of poverty has to take into consideration the prevailing inequalities with regard to distribution of  income and consumption expenditure both in the rural and urban areas.


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