Write a note on:

a) Guiseppe Mazzini

b) Count Camillo de Cavour

c) The Greek war of independence

d) Frankfurt parliament

e) The role of women in nationalist struggles

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Refer to answers 1, 2,3 below:

 1. Guiseppe Mazzini

a. Guiseppe Mazzini was born in Genoa on 22nd June, 1905 in a middle class family

b. He was a prominent figure in liberal nationalism and was an Italian revolutionary.

c. He inspired the youth of Italy with nationalist  ideas.

d. He founded secret societies like Young Italy in Marseilles and Young Europe in Berne to engage youth in the revolutionary activities.

e. He was sent to exile in 1931 for attempting a revolution in Ligunia.

f. He played an important role in awakening of  the spirit of nationalism in Italy.

2. ​  Camillo di Cavour  

a. ​Camillo di Cavour  played a very important role in unifying Italy and was known as known as Bismark of Italy​
b. In 1858 he formed an alliance with France to get military support that succeeded in defeating Austria in 1859.
c. This was followed a peace treaty that was signed in Zurich that made Lombardy which was ruled by Austria. a part of Sardinia.
d. It was indeed a major step towards Italy's unification.

3. Greek war of Independence

a. The nationalist struggle in Greece started in 1821, Greece was part of the Ottoman empire and sought independence from the Muslim empire
b. Greece nationalist struggle triggered a massive support from Greeks in exile  and also from people of West Europe
c. Greece which was known for its rich culture and tradition got massive support from poets, authors who 
could mobilize support and generate public opinion in favor of Greece independent struggle
d. We may here also acknowledge the role of Lord Byron
e. The treaty of Constantinople of 1832, was the result of negotiations between Britain, France and Russia. and Ottoman empire
f. The Treaty of Constantinople of 1832 recognised Greece as an independent nation.
g.. The treaty also outlined the boundaries, the frontiers of a new state.

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