Write a descriptive paragraph on a place where most of the people had visited.

Such questions are made for enhancing the self creative skills and should be tried answering on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you in framing your answer:
In India people love to visit Golden temple.
Golden temple is situated in Amritsar, Punjab.
It is the holiest religious site of the Sikh community.
​​​​​​Golden Temple is also called the “Darbar Sahib” or the “Harmandar Sahib”.
It is one of the oldest worship places for the Indian Sikhs. 
The asset worth of this temple isRs 320crores.
Maharaja Ranjit Singh is responsible for the building of the upper half of the building with a gold leaf that is approximately 400 kg. 
The construction of the pool, whose name is Amritsar or Amrit Sarovar, here was by the fourth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Ram Das.
The temple welcomes more than one lakh worshippers on a daily basis. 

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