write a debate on the topic job reservations are not a violation of right to equality

 people touch them they felt badly.The low cast people were always under the high cast people due to this the low cast people couldn't develop themselfs. Even though the low cast people got jobs by doing hard work the high cast people neglected them. that's why a lot of gap established between low cast people and high cast people. 

And also our Indian culture devide men and women seperately. They said women is only for doing work at home and for marraige purpose only. Then automatically man got high 
power than woman. 

This process was continuing so many years. After that we independance day. Then the creator of our federal Dr. BR Ambedkar realised the problem. 
Then our govt provided reservations to the low cast people to cover the gap between low cast people and high cast people and also privided 33% reservations to the women. 

But these reservations has been utilising not only poor persons bu also rich persons. Because before ibdependent India some low cast people developed very well by oing hard work. Reseravations means providing more facilities to the persons who don't have the facilities. 
But why the govt is giving reservations. To know about the reason we need to know about our Indian culture. 
In olden days due to some bad rules in Indian culture we devide our selfs as High cast people and Low cast people.The high cast people always keep away the low cast people.If low cast

In OCs also there are so many persons who are very poor.But the govt doesn't providing reservations to them even though they are poor. 

Now the govt is giving reservations to OBC depends on his father's income.But if his father is earning money on business or from private sector the govt not considering it as his income.DUE TO THIS THE RICHER IS BECOMING MORE RICHER AND THE POORER BECOMING MORE POORER. 

Now woman is developing equally with man. she is developed very well by using resrvatons. now is it necessary to them? and even though govt is providing 33% resrvations to them the literacy for women is less.Because in villages our culture was deeply rooted in their minds and the educated girls, rich girls are using reservations highly. But it is not necessary to them. If the govt provides more funds to village girls by decreasing reservations on rich girls then village girls will be develop. 

Due to the reservations so many persons are changing their cast. 

finally what i am saying is " if the govt provides reservations based on income of his/her father by considering the income in any manner then only all will utilise reservations properly"

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HIIRight to equality is written in ARTICLE 14 to 18 of our Indian Constitution.To be frank job reservation are violation to right to equality. In case of reservation you see that there is no equality between all the candidates.The candidates of backward classes are given reservation whereas the normal OC candidates are not given any kind of reservation; this is absolutely a violation to right to equality.The right to eaulity is said to be perfect when all the students are seen in a right manner and no other preferences are given.The right to equality is described as follows: The state shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, place or birth or any of them.Thank You,Tashi
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Oii Amit answer Mil gaya
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