Write 6 differences between departmental stores and super bazar ?


Departmental store

Super bazar

1. Meaning

It is a retail institution that handles a wide variety of merchandise grouped into well defined departments for the purpose of promotion,service,accounting and control.

It is a large retailing business unit selling mainly food and grocery itemson the basis of low margin appeal, wide variety and assortments,self service and heavy emphasis on merchandising appeal.

2. Self service

There are salesmen at departmental store to deal with customers.

It operates on the principle of self service.

3. Credit facility

Credit facility may be allowed to reputed customers.

All sales are strictly on cash basis.

4. Home delivery service

It provides free home delivery service.

It does not provide free home delivery service.

5. Prices

It sells goods at higher prices.

It sells goods at lower prices.

6. Cost

Higher cost

Lower cost

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