Write 10 examples of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores?

Kindly refer to the link below:-


Herbivorous :- example:  giraffe, elephant, tortoise, rhinos, moose, kangaroo rat, mouse
Carnivorous :- example: snake, panther, wolves, leopard, crocodile, polar bear, fox 
Omnivorous :- example: pig, bear, coatis, hedgehogs, chimpanzees, raccoons, chipmunks


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S.No   Herbivores   Carnivores   Omnivores               1.   Sheep   Lion   Human beings 2.   Cow   Shark   Badgers 3.   Deer   Snake   Bears 4.   Elephant   Tiger   Sloth 5.   Kangaroo   Lepord   Racoons 6.   Rat   Cheetah   Skunk 7.   Giraffe   Spiders   Opossums 8.   Bird   Ladybugs   Hedgehogs 9.   Lizard   Bear   Chimpunks 10.   Tortoise   Dog   Civets
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