With proper guidance, experience and optimism we can change the pulse and complex of a whole man. Explain this statement with reference to the lesson 'On the face of it'.

[CBSE 2019 Comptt.] [4 marks]


It is true that with proper guidance, experience and optimism, we can change the pulse and complexity of a man. When Mr. Lamb met Derry, exactly this happened. Derry's brief encounter with Mr. Lamb transformed him from a bitter, gloomy, and complex-ridden adolescent to a mature, self-assured adult. His outlook on life changed dramatically.

Mr. Lamb's never-ending excitement and desire to live life inspired him. As a result of Mr. Lamb's unwavering optimism, Derry was radically transformed. Everything and everyone is essentially the same, Mr. Lamb's sense of beauty being relative, his discourse about lovely females and love, his concept of the world and friendship, and the event of the shy man all interested and inspired Derry.

Derry was able to discard his old persona and reclaim life through time. He was able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as raindrops pitter-pattering on the roof. 'You shouldn't accept everything you hear,' he advised his mother. As a result, Derry's brief encounter with Mr. Lamb became a watershed moment in his life.

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